We have a specialized team of scientist working in various field of agriculture. We provide the superlative solutions and services for agriculture. Key services include agro services for cultivation, impact analysis, agriculture surveys and intellectual property right protection services for agriculture, filling applications to regulatory authority for GMO.

Our team is specialized in agriculture biotechnology. We provide the guidance and services for setting up the biotechnology laboratory & GMO testing lab, SOP’s GMO analysis, tissue culture laboratory set up, SOP’s for tissue culture, auditing tissue culture lab for accreditations and other required services as per necessity. We are also working with isolating various microbial enzymes and testing their activity as a plant growth regulator against various crop plants.

Plant Tissue Culture

Crop Stimulants

The team of scientist is working for providing the best stimulants for crop improvement. Our scientists have developed the Bio Stimulants, Plant Growth Regulators and Plant Growth Retardants for enhancing crop yield and improving profits. The products are certified by the Organic Certification Agencies. Also we are doing research with international institutes for developing new crop specific stimulants for various horticultural, vegetable and other field crops. All these products are becoming much popular in International markets.

The crop protection team of scientist have developed best organic solution for crop protection. The products are certified by the organic certification agencies. The products are well accepted in national and international markets. The crop protection department is involved in developing the best crop protection solutions for the viral, fungal and bacterial diseases of various horticultural, vegetable and field crops.

Crop Protection