Genome is the one of the leading agro inputs and agro services based company in India. Genome mainly involved in various research activities in agriculture, crop protection, crop biotechnology, enzymology, etc. Genome basically provides the agro solutions either by providing the bio yield enhancers, bio growth regulators, bio stimulants, bio growth retardants, bio growth enhancers, bio crop protectants, and other enzyme solutions for crop improvement. The company has its client base in and outside India. The team of scientist comes with the expertise from various streams of life sciences, agriculture, intellectual property rights, transgenic research and agriculture biotechnology.

Genome’s constant endeavors towards innovative R&D in crop biotechnology, fungal biotechnology and biological stimulants for agriculture has made a significant contribution for developing the new products for enhancing yield of various crops and also providing the crop protection against various viral, fungal, bacterial diseases of crop plants.

The research wing and other agricultural services are well supported by our eminent advisors who are involved for providing the solution to problems and intellectual inputs through brain storming.

Genome is doing its research and new product development work in collaboration with its national and international collaborators from India, Indonesia, USA and Australia and became a well knownAgri-Biotech company in India.

The most popular product “Booster” provided the best solution for Sugarcane for enhancing the yield by increasing tillers and size of the cane. The widespread yield enhancer “Esteem” is known for increasing the yield of Banana and other horticulture crops. The best solution for floriculture “Boomer” is known for increasing the flower rejuvenation in floricultural crops plants. Crown gall of Rose are well controlled by the “GallTroll” a best solution for recovering the crown gall disease of all crops.