Dr. RatnakarThengane

33 Years Experience

He functioned at different position in academic agriculture research, in-field breeding activities and biotechnology research. His contribution to the field of genetics and plant breeding is known in agriculture. He comes with experience of molecular breeding, plant breeding. His association with various public and private institute has made a significant contribution. His keen interest in the genetics and plant breeding, physiology and biochemistry made help us to know the genetic, physiological and biochemical requirements of a plant and nutrition.

Dr. DigambarMukadam

35 Years Experience

Comes with huge research experience in crop pathology. Provided the best solutions for controlling pathological diseases, screening, disease diagnostics, developing new biological solutions for crop diseases. His contribution to the crop pathology is supported with significant publication. His keen directives help us developing biological combinations for a targeted diseases.

Dr. Ashok Chavan

25 Years Experience

His expertise are regulatory for transgenic research. He is DBT nominated expert for regulating the transgenic (GMO) research. He has also contributed for development the fungal enzymes for enhancing the plant Growth.

Dr. ShubhadaThengane

34 Years Experience

The name is worldwide famous for tissue culture research, developing cost effective technologies for tissue culture, standardizing the simple and definite procedures for research culture. Expertise includes providing the best solution for embryo culture, cell fusion, transformations, creating somaclonal variations, etc.

Dr. Harish Sherkar

22 Years Experience

Commercial Tissue Culture technology in India starts with his name. He has an honor to develop many varieties of horticultural crops through the tissue culture. He also developed the maddest and efficient protocols for micro-propagation of Banana, Sugarcane, Strawberry, Stevia, etc. His articulate mind also developed most efficient and cost effective methods for setting up the tissue culture laboratories for micro-propagation.

Dr. KailashDatkhile

13 Years Experience

His key interest areas of research are Molecular biology, enzymology and proteomics. His contribution for the isolation and purification of new microbial/plant protein are supported with his peer publications in international journals. He is associated for the development of new enzymes, microbial proteins, modeling the plant growth stimulants, extracting proteins from various biological sources and testing its action against crop pants. He ias also involved in providing the best solutions for the viral and fungal dieases.